Supporting individuals and families affected by severe mental illness

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Mental illness changes lives.

75.4% of people severely affected by mental illness report discrimination is widespread in Jersey.
Nearly 1 billion people worldwide live with a mental illness.
50% of mental illnesses start by the age of 14 and yet countries spend less than 2% of health budgets in this area.
Presently, Jersey struggles to meet standards set out by the World Health Organisation - (a fact not an opinion) and lags behind UK and European counterparts - underlying a serious level of unmet need.
While recent government attention has been to fund mental health initiatives more needs to be done to address the underlying causes of severe mental illness and the impact this has on the life chances of an individual and their family.
Unless we act now every sector of Jersey’s economy will feel the impact.
We can all play a part in making things much better
We want to encourage society to work together and enable those affected by severe mental illness live the best, fullest life possible.
Charitable organisations
General public
We all need to work together to up the island’s game; to look after our own community when mental illness occurs and ensure resources are available to care and support people safely, equitably, humanely.
Part of our mission is to help lead and show the way. We are currently raising funds to expand our offer in 2 key areas:
Family Work Intervention
An essential service recommended by the National Institute of Healthcare Excellence for helping the many lives turned upside down when mental illness occurs in the family. We support over 70 families in need but the demand is rising. Lack of financial support from government increases this burden and so we need to raise substantial funds so that we can intervene early and help people recover sooner.
User participation
Building up, supporting, and empowering our lived experience volunteers to be the voice for education, involvement and improvement in all areas that affect their lives.
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