Our vision and mission

Our vision is for every person in Jersey severely affected by mental illness to fulfil their potential and participate in all aspects of life. We are on a mission to improve the quality of life of people affected by mental illness

By bringing attention to the needs of those affected by severe mental illness we aim to:
In Government
Influence the work of government with regard to policy, service development, practice and social justice
In Society
Reverse negative attitudes and behaviours in society in general by tackling stigma and discrimination
By Educating
Improve understanding of mental illness through education and therapeutic support
By Improving Outcomes
Use evidence based techniques to improve recovery and prevent relapse of illness for sufferers of mental illness
By Campaigning
On matters important to those affected by severe mental illness
By Partnering
Work with others to invest, plan and resource ideas, developments and initiatives aligned with our mission
About Us
Focus on Mental Illness help ease the pressures and distress many individuals, families and carers experience in these circumstances.
We specialise in family work intervention to help individuals, families and carers develop a deeper understanding of the impact of mental illness in the family, equip them with relevant tools for coping and help them to access opportunities that can enhance further recovery. Using evidence-based techniques recommended by the National Institute of Healthcare Excellence our ‘person centred’ approach ensures each individual and their family benefits from support uniquely designed to their own set of circumstances We campaign to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with severe mental illness. Our User Particpation Group FocusUP aims to empower service users and carers to be the voice of involvement and improvement in all services that affect their lives. Through our Mental Health First Aid Training Programme we help people to recognize the warning signs of mental ill health and develop the skills and confidence to approach and support someone experiencing a mental health issue, even in a crisis situation.