Focus In

A first point of contact for a person in distress or who feels they may be relapsing

Importance of early intervention
Early Intervention support is key to promoting recovery and/or preventing relapse for those experiencing an acute phase of mental illness or for those whose symptoms are persisting.
An evidence based approach to family work
Our family work is an ‘evidence based’ approach recommended by the UK National Institute for Healthcare Excellence. We offer family therapy and related family work which helps improve the impact on family members when someone in the family is diagnosed with severe mental illness. We help individuals and families to overcome issues they may experience separately or together.
Family Work Intervention
Effective in reducing stress for service users and their families
Significantly reduces relapse rates and promotes recovery
by delivering specific interventions designed to inhibit stress caused.
Especially helpful for those living with severe and enduring mental health problems.

Focus IN impacts

{family}work with our whole family has been invaluable… managed to get us to discuss problems that we have all skirted around for very many years. We are now so much more able to talk openly about the challenges posed by mental health issues... work with our family has proved so so helpful.

FocusIN User,
Parent of individual diagnosed with a severe mental health illness

Practical, real world, assistance for the whole family when our world was turned upside down.

A service user who is a sibling of a person diagnosed with a severe mental health illness

I found the structure of the therapy clear, and it was provided in small stages and at the right speed so it was not overwhelming

A service user with a diagnosed severe mental health illness